May 24, 2011

1st Family Vacation

Its been two years since the last time we visited Albay-our own province. It was on our wedding so we never had the chance visiting some of its beautiful places. This summer, I came back with my wife Sharon and our son Aron for a short vacation. We made it a point not to travel far because we have a toddler with us. So we just visited a nearby hill in Ligao City. Locals call it "Kawa-Kawa" Hill. What makes it special is the "pan-shape" hilltop. You could only find the answer why they call it "hill without a hilltop" once you get up there. But what amazed me most was the experience of being on top of a famous hill and seeing a breathtaking view of Mayon Volcano and vast agricultural landscape of the city. No camera can truly capture its beauty.

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